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Try our custom color match process now
and risk nothing.

There are several colorant suppliers for the US plastics industry, but none have the experience, depth of knowledge and resources of JEG Plastics.

Making plastic colorants is not always an easy task. End use performance is critical and often dependent on how well concerns are expressed and understood in the planning stage.  The professionals at JEG Plastics help with every step of the color matching process with expertise and unparalleled experience.

JEG Plastics offers:

Award winning plastic colorants
A thorough understanding of processes for making color concentrates, compounds, and dry blends to achieve our customers’ goals.
The capacity to create vibrant custom colorants with heavy-metal free, high-performance pigments.
Inventory cost control with our stocking program and just-in-time delivery program.
FDA compliant colorants
UL compliant colorants
EPA compliant colorants
CONEG/heavy-metal free colorants
IR reflective colorants
Glow in the dark colorants
Special color effects such as marble, brick, wood grain, pearl, metallic, and sparkle.
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