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About JEG
About JEG Inc.
George Gibson, Founder Gibson Greetings 1852
George Gibson, Founder Gibson Greetings 1852
John Gibson II,
Founder Gibson Merchandise
John Gibson II, Founder Gibson Merchandise 1922

An Extensive History of Customer Service

The Gibson family has dedicated itself to serving customers for close to 200 years with honesty, and reliability. To the Gibsons, recognizing the needs of clients and efficient response are traditions.

In the early 1800s George Gibson Sr. (pictured above left) and his family worked in Scotland as lithographic and copperplate engravers. The family immigrated to the US in the 1840s and carried with them a small French-made lithography press. George and his family eventually settled in St Louis. However, one of his sons found work on a canal system leading him to Cincinnati. His three brothers followed and put their experience to work with that small press. The brothers founded Gibson & Company in 1852, and by 1880 they had quickly gained notoriety for their Christmas greeting cards. The company endures today as Gibson Greetings.

The customer service philosophy took a firm hold  in the Gibson Family. George’s great-grandson, John E Gibson II (pictured above right), carried that entrepreneurial spirit into the next century. In the early 1920s, John II founded Gibson Merchandising Co. in St. Louis, a wholesale merchandising business.

Carrying that customer service ethic and entrepreneurial spirit forward, John E. Gibson IV struck out on his own in the plastics industry in 1985 and founded JEG Inc.  The entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow in the 21st century, with the addition of John V to JEG Inc. in 2011.

For a more detailed review of our history, visit our timeline.

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