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Automotive Colorants

JEG Automotive Colors

JEG Plastics supplies the automotive industry with colorants used to create interior and exterior parts.

Industry research indicates nearly 60 percent of consumers use color as a key element in the vehicle purchase decisions. Curiously, nearly 75% of consumers prefer conservative colors such as white, black, gray and silver.

Regardless of the final selection, color plays an obviously important role in establishing and maintaining automotive brands.

Carmakers today need access to a seemingly endless supply of color options. From bright sparkly colors to silky pearlescence, today’s car markets must appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. They need to appeal to everyone from Technology -focused millennials to baby boomers. And as trends change rapidly, automakers must be able to change choices swiftly to meet production schedules.

JEG is an expert in unique color matches for critical parts like interior trim pieces, exterior molding and styling pieces, aftermarket accessories, headlight and tail light housings, hoses, and connector pieces. If you’re molding plastic parts for the automotive industry, use our color matching forms to start the process today.

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