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JEG Plastics Extrusion Molding
Building and Construction
Building and Construction

JEG Building and Construction Colors

The building industry uses plastic in virtually every type of building material – flooring, roofing, insulation, siding, pipes, and windows.
In most instances plastic parts are more durable, lighter weight, more energy efficient, safer, and easier to install than traditional building materials. JEG Plastic’s colorants and additives enhance the plastic parts’ properties and add longevity to building products.

Almost every building and construction product can use JEG’s colorants and additives. We have helped create plastic decking, house siding & trim pieces, window & skylight components, shower & bathtub components, underground piping & conduit, parking blocks & speed bumps, and road reflectors.

JEG’s experts can guide you through the development of color formulations to meet your specific needs.

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