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28Feb 24

He’s a Perfect Match!

How hard can it be to pick a color? In reality, pretty hard. It’s not just how it looks, it’s how it works. The conditions, the applications, the environment, the timing, the trends, the process… JEG’s 40 years of experience, has resulted in great advancements in plastic color production. Our experts know that each manufacturer has unique product requirements and this extensive product knowledge benefits our customers. By educating clients, we‘re able to provide better customer service and streamline the sales process to deliver more value. That’s why we’re excited to have Mr. Dave Tilley join our team. As a…

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14Jul 23

Can collaboration help break down supply barriers?

At the recent Refocus Plastics Sustainability & Recycling Summit in Minneapolis, representatives from across the plastics supply chain focused on how to boost recovery rates.   JUNE 2023 Demand for postconsumer recycled resins in packaging has continued to increase as brands further sustainability commitments, but challenges remain on the supply side.At the Refocus Plastics Sustainability & Recycling Summit in Minneapolis in May, representatives from across the plastics supply chain discussed how the plastics industry can work with material recovery facilities (MRFs) to increase recovery rates.Kate Davenport, co-president of Minneapolis-based MRF operator Eureka Recycling, said, “There’s so much volatility in the…

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13Dec 22

It’s Cheaper to Manufacture Plastic Products in Ohio than in China

Image courtesy of Shale Crescent USA The long-held belief that it is cheaper to import plastic products than to make them domestically is no longer true, according to Shale Crescent USA. Norbert Sparrow | Dec 02, 2022 The world isn’t as flat as it used to be. Back in 2005 when The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Friedman hit bookstores, the one-two punch of globalization and China’s emergence as the world’s workshop seemed an unstoppable force. The view is very different from the perspective of 2022, and a report from Shale Crescent USA (SCUSA) released…

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