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JEG offers valuable insight into color trends within specific industries.

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22Nov 19

Patents, Elephants, and Integrity

The Answer is Integrity JEG Plastics places integrity first when it comes to virtue in business. As the riddle goes: What do you hold onto but cannot touch, something you have but must fight for, and when attacked, becomes stronger? Integrity is both elusive and foundational. As Buckminster Fuller said, it is the essence of everything successful. One profession heavily reliant on integrity is inventors. Their gifts can set them up for criticism and recurring failure, yet they clearly put the “grit” in integrity when it comes to pursuing the truth. The Early Years of Plastics Plastics launched during the…

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09Oct 19

JEG Plastics Has 2020 Vision: Preparing for a new decade with hindsight

Some things never change In business, the ultimate goal is to succeed financially. How that goal is achieved is open to opinion, but still a question every business must answer. JEG Plastics (JEG) succeeds by embracing five virtues we refer to as the JEG handshake, being the service delivery etiquette we extend throughout every deal. Integrity is the cornerstone of JEG’s service. Confidence is the courage gained from our years of experience. Relationships are the lifeblood of our company. Inspiration from the passion we have for our work in the highly-innovative plastics industry. Persistence for finding the right solutions to…

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08Jun 19

Injection Molding Additive Masterbatches offer overall cost savings.

Process Aids, Purging Agents, CFAs, & Stabilizers improve efficiency while decreasing overall costs. JEG Inc. is an official partner of Phoenix Plastics LLC and we are please to offer Phoenix Plastics' full line of additive masterbatch products. Our additives improve efficiency, increase quality, increase productivity, eliminate die build up, and offer overall cost savings. Some of our most popular products for injection molding applications include: PROCESS AIDS Cel-Span 101 Mold release and internal lubricant for PE, PP, PS Cel-Span 305 Water scavenger concentrate Cel-Span 606C Polycarbonate compatibilizer and coupling agent Cel-Span 610L Reduces processing temperature and improve processing time PURGING…

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