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JEG offers valuable insight into color trends within specific industries.

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17Jun 20

Pick me! 

In our new normal, that means Pick Us! Remember those days in grade school when you were picking your kickball team?  You recall picking your best friend for your team, and when it was their turn to be a captain, you hoped they’d pick you. What drove those choices? Was it you knew your friend was a fast runner? Was it because you two could communicate well on the field? It could have been because you both wanted to win.  Or was it because they were just your friend? The answer is all of the above. And when you won,…

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21Apr 20

Trust + Believe

Although it may seem a bit cliche in today’s climate, this phrase means more than ever before.  And as we looked at it, we realized there was another message hidden in the words:  So, making the needed grammatical correction, “Trust + Believe” hides the message “We Live.” This makes complete sense.   At JEG, Trust is part of our brand.  We would go as far as to say it is one of our strongest brand elements.   We manage it daily with customers, clients, employees, and company stakeholders.  We strive to make it evident in our communications, our conversations, in…

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27Mar 20

JEG Coronavirus Update along with a heartfelt message.

STAY HOME!   As we end this first week of our new economy, JEG would like to offer a quick update to all our friends, clients, and customers. First, we wholeheartedly applaud every effort being made to practice safe, social distancing principles. Clearly, keeping physical distance between you and those around you serves to delay the communication of damaging pathogens.  We urge all friends and clients to stay at home where ever possible! While we understand and support these ideals, we also realize the value of clear, regular communications in today’s business environment. Our most recent blog post details some…

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