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JEG offers valuable insight into color trends within specific industries.

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27Mar 20

JEG Coronavirus Update.

A note to our clients and friends. As we end this first week of our new economy, JEG would like to offer a quick update to all our friends, clients, and customers. First, we wholeheartedly applaud every effort being made to practice safe, social distancing principles.  Keeping physical distance between you and those around you indeed serves to delay the communication of damaging pathogens. While we understand and support these ideals, we also realize the value of clear, regular communications in today’s business environment.  Our most recent blog post details some popular ideas and techniques for clarification.   But at…

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24Mar 20

It is what you make of it. 

Effective communcation helps clients. The truth is, no one was born with a spoon of any type in their mouth.  We are all introduced the same way and rise or fall based on the kinds of relationships with others we create. These alliances can take multiple, optional paths.  And we all are in search of good outcomes for every one of them.  No one wants an argument. The JEG of today exists because of all the relationships built throughout our existence.  Our tagline, “Prime Materials with Premium Service,” states the value we place on relationships. Service to us equates to…

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26Feb 20

Courage, Conviction, Confidence, and Consolidation.

JEGPlastics finds success by doing what doesn’t come naturally first. In business, these four are mutually dependent.  As entrepreneurs, business owners can start each day with a form of “writer’s block.”  Their first job is to decide which task to take on first, and that decision can be a slow, painful one.  What comes first, reviewing the latest marketing campaign, revisiting production procedures or making cold calls to drum up business? Some of these are fun, others not so much. Each day brings new goals, new risks, and new challenges. What they accomplish is primarily based on how they structure…

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