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He’s a Perfect Match!

How hard can it be to pick a color? In reality, pretty hard. It’s not just how it looks, it’s how it works. The conditions, the applications, the environment, the timing, the trends, the process… JEG’s 40 years of experience, has resulted in great advancements in plastic color production. Our experts know that each manufacturer has unique product requirements and this extensive product knowledge benefits our customers. By educating clients, we‘re able to provide better customer service and streamline the sales process to deliver more value. That’s why we’re excited to have Mr. Dave Tilley join our team. As a former executive in sales, marketing and business operations, he’s putting these skills to work a new position with JEG Plastics as Director New Accounts. Dave’s background/sales expertise will be a great addition to JEG, enabling us to offer enhanced customer guidance for smart decision-making in their manufacturing process, resulting in seamless cost-effective results.

With John and Dave’s strong communication skills and collaborative history, our clients can expect quicker, more precise communications and positive outcomes. We’re committed to strengthening our existing sales relationships and creating new business opportunities, so we’ve brought Dave on board to manage our customer relationships and generate new accounts.

Give John or Dave a call. Ask them how JEG can broaden your reach in the plastic color match market.

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