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Automotive Colorants
Recycling and Sustainability
Recycling and Sustainability
Recycling and Sustainability
Recycling and Sustainability

JEG Plastic Dunnage Removal, Recycling, and Clean Up

Operating a business means producing a viable product. Businesses are reliant on suppliers to ship materials used in production. Products come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations and require specialized shipping containers.

These containers are helpful for shipping but often stack in ugly, dirty piles in your yard or back lot once used. These multiply into eyesores and wasted space.

Enter JEG.

One call (or message via the form below) to JEG, and your shipping dunnage will disappear. JEG can turn your dunnage into recycled plastic. One call helps sustain our industry and your business by reducing your carbon footprint.

JEG has the resources to work with most KnockDowns, Hand Totes, and Formed Trays, turning waste and unwanted dunnage into useful, recycled products.

Call The Dude of Dunnage, Dave Tilley today (614.460.9443) to discuss details. You can also contact JEG immediately through the form below.


Remove my Dunnage NOW!

If you have some plastic Dunnage you would like removed and recycled now, use the form below to send us a note.  We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Dunnage Recycling and Removal
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