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Determination Is US!

Determination is US!

It made sweet music a while ago. It makes sense today:

Work yourself like a soul inspired, 
Till the battle of the day is won.

You may be sick and tired, 
but you’ll be a man, my son.

This refrain from “Pick yourself up” reminds us of what we need to know these days.  

Today’s business environment is rough.

It is harder than any other time in history because no one has a clear vision of how long this will go on and what new influencing factors will come up along the way. We COULD be in this for a very long time, with the social and medical restrictions playing havoc on normal business operations. Many of us have built reputations with handshakes, face to face meetings, and rounds of golf.  

Those don’t work well today. 

So let’s figure a new way to work without forgetting what we know.  After all, working harder doesn’t have to be hard, but it can if you run away from the basic rules of determination: Stay calm. Don’t be overwhelmed. Use what you know. Feed off the energy of others. Make new contacts and keep in touch with those you have had for years.  And above all, be kind, and offer respect. 

At JEG, we actively build on life experiences. This means we keep our head down, focus on what we know, and work as hard as possible. We’ve found we may not always find exactly what we’re looking for, but are consistently amazed at what we pick up along the way. New contacts bring new challenges, new ways of thinking, and new ways of describing capabilities and interests.

Now is the time to network.  

Everyone today seems hungry for a human connection, business, personal, or both. We’ve found strength in looking for shared interests and expertise in developing our business network. In growing our network, JEG invests time into serious, substantial research.  We pursue authentic and meaningful relationships based on shared goals and aspirations. Creating these types of bonds will lead to solid relationships with the same qualities.

We’re focused on our new reality.

At JEG, we are under no illusion – we realize the challenges of today’s business climate.  Through persistence and a certain tenacity, we have learned what is essential to survive.   We have known what it is all along – stay focused, keep goals at the forefront, stay determined.

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