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Pick Me! 

Pick me! 

In our new normal, that means Pick Us!

Remember those days in grade school when you were picking your kickball team?  You recall picking your best friend for your team, and when it was their turn to be a captain, you hoped they’d pick you.

What drove those choices?

Was it you knew your friend was a fast runner? Was it because you two could communicate well on the field? It could have been because you both wanted to win.  Or was it because they were just your friend?

The answer is all of the above.

And when you won, it wasn’t any individual play that did it.  Nor was it the fact he (or she) made it around the bases faster than you.  It was several things, several plays with one thing in common:  You two were on the same team.

Sure it’s important to work as a team:  Science backs this up on several fronts.  But real success comes when individual concerns don’t matter.  

Today those thoughts mean more than ever.  Pulling us out of our cubicles has forced us to realize how much alike our lives are. Think of it: When we finally get back to having a complete workforce, we’ll be faced with recognizing we all work with people just like us.  After countless Zoom sessions with co-workers kitchens as backdrops and interruptions from families, pets, and doorbells, we all have potent reminders of how similar our lives are. We are all authentically who we say we are.

Everyone struggling to work today faces similar challenges.  On an organizational level, that means today’s effective business strategy focuses on adaptability and acceptance.  We’re all forced to get along.  

But you know, we’re all adults.  We can do this.

JEG focuses on working with our clients, not just for them.  We are a resource for answers to tough questions, sure, but we’re also a place to test ideas.  We know part of any manufacturing process is the design, review, and testing of new ideas.  

We can help. 

In our over 35 years of experience in the plastics industry, we’ve worked with many different suppliers.  JEG understands the importance of clear communications in all stages of plastics manufacturing.  We know what questions to ask, we know planning, we know execution.  

Mostly, we know the value of sharing our experience to others facing similar problems.  We focus on being a part of a team – an authentic one.

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