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JEG Coronavirus Update Along With A Heartfelt Message.

JEG Coronavirus Update along with a heartfelt message.



As we end this first week of our new economy, JEG would like to offer a quick update to all our friends, clients, and customers.

First, we wholeheartedly applaud every effort being made to practice safe, social distancing principles. Clearly, keeping physical distance between you and those around you serves to delay the communication of damaging pathogens.  We urge all friends and clients to stay at home where ever possible!

While we understand and support these ideals, we also realize the value of clear, regular communications in today’s business environment. Our most recent blog post details some popular ideas and techniques for clarification.  

But at another level, we’d like to suggest another consideration: Personal communication. While it may seem elemental, the following may go a long way to bridging the gap between our fellow workers and us. Ask a coworker or family member a question of interest to you.  Listen to what they say. Consider their response carefully. You don’t have to agree with them, nor do you have to disagree, just realize the time you’ve spent considering their response puts the two of you in the same place.

That is what we need more of today.

Still working, still available.

JEG realizes the best distractions are productive ones. JEG is at the forefront of this idea.  We want all of you to know we are still at work, even if we are not in the office during regular business hours.  

We are still accessible via regular channels.  If you have a need, feel free to call.  We will respond to your concern as quickly as possible.

As always, JEG would like to thank all associates for your support and communications during this time. Thank you for giving us the time to review and consider this note, and as always, if JEG can be of any help, please reach out. 

Please take the time to take care of those close to you.

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