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It is what you make of it. 

Effective communcation helps clients.

The truth is, no one was born with a spoon of any type in their mouth.  We are all introduced the same way and rise or fall based on the kinds of relationships with others we create.

These alliances can take multiple, optional paths.  And we all are in search of good outcomes for every one of them.  No one wants an argument.

The JEG of today exists because of all the relationships built throughout our existence.  Our tagline, “Prime Materials with Premium Service,” states the value we place on relationships. Service to us equates to taking care of our clients’ needs.  We place a high value on each one.  We see all as a means to an end, that end being coexistence and prospering.

But it’s not uncommon for people today to look for relationships to be transactional or relational. A transactional relationship is simply a means to an end.  There are goods or services to be exchanged, and typically, one party wins, while the other doesn’t. These types of communications can leave a person feeling left out, walked over, or short-changed. They can also be short-lived as once the transaction is complete, the relationship goes away.  

We like to stay in relational interactions.  These are not means to a specific end; instead, they focus on “softer” less qualitative aspects of a relationship.  They are concerned with the quality and frequency of communications.  In them, you tend to care less about the outcome and more about the interaction itself.

How we’re built

JEG supplies color and additives concentrate to the plastics industry. Over time, we’ve realized as our list of clients changes, so does their needs.  Our goal is clear:  Serve them the type of attention and service that makes them rely on our service as part of their business process.

Continuous support

JEG prides itself on support.  We offer reliable, ongoing backing of our customer’s supply of color and additive concentrates.  When they are in need, they pick up the phone and call us to support their supply chain.  

Not just grit

We’ve found it is not only an understanding of the needs of our clients.  To fully support clients, JEG learns and understands the necessity of and the process involved in the production of our clients’ products. We understand and can anticipate any supply shortcoming. We help fill holes.

Our support doesn’t stop there.  Our experience leads us to understand the values of clear communication with clients.  We ask that clients share information. We ask questions about client goals and objectives.  We persist.   Knowing what our clients need and when they need it allows us to be responsive and, in fact, anticipate their needs.  We often hear from clients how much they appreciate our product and process knowledge

We admit it

Providing Premium Service is an ongoing effort.  Our clients provide us with continually moving targets. Staying ahead of them is our specialization.  How we do it is what we love.

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