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The Science of Color, Part 2 (Jan. 30, 2018)

Creating Colorants:
Art meets Science

Light Source

This week we take a “hands on” approach to better understand the three main components that affect color.

To experience first hand how the observer, light source, and object affect color, try this:

  • Take an object from your desk and hold it under your office light; what color is the object?
  • Now take the same object and hold it in the sunlight. Does the color look different in the sunlight than it did under your office light? 

You can see how the different light sources affected the color of the object. This is why it’s so important for us to understand what light source the product will be exposed to.

  • Now, repeat the above process with one of your coworkers and afterwards describe the color to each other.  Did you both have the exact same description?

I bet that you and your coworker perceived the color differently.  So when you say “I need a blue color”, we always ask for more information.  Yes, we have a standard stock blue color but most of our customers want something unique.  With thousands of colors available, we can create any color you can imagine.

Contact JEG Inc. today at 614-882-1295 and we will work with you through all of these details to create the perfect colorant for your needs. 

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