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Trust + Believe

Trust + Believe

Although it may seem a bit cliche in today’s climate, this phrase means more than ever before.  And as we looked at it, we realized there was another message hidden in the words:  So, making the needed grammatical correction, “Trust + Believe” hides the message “We Live.”

This makes complete sense.  

At JEG, Trust is part of our brand.  We would go as far as to say it is one of our strongest brand elements.   We manage it daily with customers, clients, employees, and company stakeholders.  We strive to make it evident in our communications, our conversations, in fact, every interaction.  

The irony continues, especially in our nation’s current dilemma: When the best advice dictates keeping a physical distance from each other, we need to be close enough to trust each other. Sure, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but it is human nature to see how they relate.

So what can we do?  How about just what we’ve always done.

JEG focuses entirely on our customers.  We build relationships by operating through a culture of trust.  JEG’s history supports this.  Our experience and history are in taking care of our customers, and it shows.  Once we had a client say whenever we spoke on the phone, they knew their problem was headed towards resolution. That’s trust.  It is also indicative of a human connection.  We see it as understanding clients’ needs.  

JEG also builds trust by establishing and keeping long term relationships with clients and suppliers. This yields preferred rates for testing and analyses, which we pass on to our clients.  It’s one benefit of the trust we’ve built through our longstanding relationships with clients and suppliers.  

We build trust in everything we do.  Trust is part of us.  It is what we believe, and it is how we live.

For more information on building trust in your business practices, see: 

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