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Injection Molding Additive Masterbatches offer overall cost savings.

Process Aids, Purging Agents, CFAs, & Stabilizers improve efficiency while decreasing overall costs.

JEG Inc. is an official partner of Phoenix Plastics LLC and we are please to offer Phoenix Plastics’ full line of additive masterbatch products.

Our additives improve efficiency, increase quality, increase productivity, eliminate die build up, and offer overall cost savings.

Some of our most popular products for injection molding applications include:

    Cel-Span 101 Mold release and internal lubricant for PE, PP, PS
    Cel-Span 305 Water scavenger concentrate
    Cel-Span 606C Polycarbonate compatibilizer and coupling agent
    Cel-Span 610L Reduces processing temperature and improve processing time
    Cel-Span 300 Lowest cost
    Cel-Span 300FG Contains short strand fiberglass
    Cel-Span 300HT High temperature applications up to 700°F plus
    Cel-Span 388 Premium purge to clean 3 ways -solvent, scour, foaming action
    Cel-Span 388FG Premium purge to clean 3 ways -solvent, scour, foaming action
    Cel-Span 606PEL Purge for PC
    Purge-All Purging concentrate for a continuous processing
    Cel-Span 827 When surface cosmetics / aesthetics are critical
    Cel-Span 840 40% active for Polyolefin resins
    Cel-Span 844 80% active for Polyolefin resin carrier
    Cel-Span 897 Finest cell structure
    Cel-Span 899PS Polystyrene endo for PS, ABS, Noryl, PC
    Cel-Span 310 Thermal shutdown stabilizer and is also recommended for purging hot-runner systems
    Cel-Span 717 UV Stabilizer for PE and PP
    Gaia Custom Additives

For samples, technical data sheets (TDS), safety data sheets (SDS) or general
questions, please contact JEG Inc. at 614-882-1295.

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