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JEG Plastics Has 2020 Vision: Preparing for a new decade with hindsight

Some things never change

In business, the ultimate goal is to succeed financially. How that goal is achieved is open to opinion, but still a question every business must answer. JEG Plastics (JEG) succeeds by embracing five virtues we refer to as the JEG handshake, being the service delivery etiquette we extend throughout every deal.

Integrity is the cornerstone of JEG’s service.

Confidence is the courage gained from our years of experience.

Relationships are the lifeblood of our company.

Inspiration from the passion we have for our work in the highly-innovative plastics industry.

Persistence for finding the right solutions to client problems is our promise.

An approach like this might seem old world and, unapologetically, it is. What was true thousands of years ago is still true today — humans benefit from and run businesses, not machines. From Aristotle through generations of JEG’s legacy and into a new decade, this remains the case.

Virtue, how we conduct ourselves, is as important as ever. Businesses muddled in aggressive change, machinery, technology, and human firewalls strike a refreshing chord when they take a beat and revisit old world methods of basic human interaction.

Over the next 12 months, JEG will explore virtue in business relating to the plastics industry, influencers, and current events. We hope to make a positive impact on our readership and our engagements by drawing attention to the individuals and events that exemplify our business virtues.

Some things necessitate change

Innovation requires change. In an industry like plastics, the wake generated from a new idea can be extensive. The reverse is also true — change requires innovation. Luckily, JEG exists to address this cycle.

As a company that stays informed, JEG doesn’t ‘go it alone’ when it comes to bracing for and adapting to change. Instead, we represent the best compounders and innovators in the industry.

For JEG, finding the right solution to a client’s problem is our persistent focus. We rely on partners like, Phoenix Plastics LLC, for guidance and inspiration. JEG is there to consult clients through each step of our Review/Resolve process and to advise on the products and opinions of our trusted relationships. With integrity and confidence, JEG untangles the knots between client-side change and partner-side innovation.

In our June 2019 Industry News article, we wrote about an exciting product offering through Phoenix Plastics LLC. We are available for consult and to answer questions regarding this introduction. Please reach us at 614-882-1295 and follow us on LinkedIn.

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